Headshot for Georgia Mercieca

Georgia Mercieca

Georgia Mercieca is thrilled to be making her debut with Free-Rain Theatre’s hilarious production of Spamalot!. During her remarkable 17-year dance journey, Georgia attended several dance schools, including Dance City, Jayz, and most recently, Legs Dance Studio. Throughout her academic years, Georgia was a constant presence in the theatre, whether it was through her biannual dance concerts or her various ensemble and backstage roles in a multitude of school musicals.

In 2021, Georgia reached an exceptional milestone by achieving 100% on her Glenn Wood Tap Exam, and in the same year, the Tap Dancer of the Year award. When she’s not utilising the stage as her rhythmic canvas, you can catch Georgia in the University of Canberra library meticulously crafting her lesson plans, often with a hint of last-minute flair, or taking a good ol’ nap in her bed.