Treat yourself to an experience you will never forget at one of our productions.

At Free-Rain Theatre Company we are committed to providing the community with one-of-a-kind performances for a variety of audiences. We operate out of the ACT Hub theatre in the Causeway Hall in Kingston, and also present our large musical productions at The Q – Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre. We are here to give you a unique and memorable show.

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Feature image for Review, 'Billy Elliot' - Frank McKone

Review, 'Billy Elliot' - Frank McKone

It’s the real-life warmth of feeling that flows off the stage that makes this production so enjoyable to see… The audience in The Q were as energetic and enthusiastic as the onstage dancers, singers and actors.
Overall, a highly successful production of a rather different kind of musical.

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Feature image for Review, 'Billy Elliot' - John P Harvey

Review, 'Billy Elliot' - John P Harvey

The musical numbers, some of them very complicated interweavings almost operatic in their complexity, were consistently arranged and performed beautifully, and Fergus Paterson did some outstanding solo singing.

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Feature image for Review, 'Billy Elliot' - Len Power

Review, 'Billy Elliot' - Len Power

The director, Jarrad West, has brought together a show that is grand entertainment. It’s colourful, has extraordinary dancing, fine singing and polished performers in this often raw and strong musical.

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