Reviews of ‘Monty Python’s SPAMALOT’

15 September 2023

The enthusiastic cast work hard to bring out all the lunacy in the show and look like they are enjoying themselves hugely.

Opening Night of Monty Python’s SPAMALOT was Thursday 14 September and the show ran til Sunday 24 September 2023. Below is a collation of reviews, and a quote or two.

It’s difficult to single out performers from this ensemble; every member of the cast was outstanding in energy, timing, dancing prowess, singing, and ability to inhabit crooked old peasants one minute and Las Vegas–style entertainers the next.

Under Jarrad West’s direction, the cast’s considerable collective talent for comedy made this mammoth production enormously entertaining to those intrepid enough to enter the castle gates.  Its commitment infusing the action, the dance, and the music with zest, the company served the audience a diverting feast from first to last.

“The enthusiastic cast work hard to bring out all the lunacy in the show and look like they are enjoying themselves hugely.”

“…great dance routines that are apt and satirical all at the same time. The cast perform the busy dances very well, making several of them highlights of the show.”

“If you ‘get’ this type of absurdist humour, you’ll have a good time with this production. As well as being very silly, it’s also a very good Broadway show that even satirizes itself.”

“Through seamless costume, accent and character changes, the cast seems twice the size, all parts demand attention. The musical numbers are big as the live orchestra gets in on the fun, the costumes are colourful – from can-can dancers to velvet clad trees – and the dance numbers are excellent.”

“The wickedly funny show moves quickly with the characters’ sharp tongues even quicker. Full of banter and wit, the production is perfect for those wanting a dose of classic British humour. It’s easy to look on the bright side of life with such great entertainment on our doorstep. Highly recommended 4.5 stars.”

“For those with a taste for rough, bawdy theatre, this is the show for you. … this show delights in its own silliness while relating an absurd version of the Arthurian legend.”

“This score received such terrific treatment from the excellent band, under the baton of maestro Ian McLean, who occasionally participated in some of the happy chaos, that most of the audience stayed in their seats after the show to savour the play-out music.”